The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders Word of the Lord for 2006

The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders Word of the Lord for 2006

Feb 14, 2006 | ACPE Word of the Lord

Word of the Lord for 2006

February 14th, 2006

C. Peter Wagner, Global Harvest Ministries, ACPE Convening Apostle
Cindy Jacobs, Generals International



This is the word given through a compilation of the prophetic releases and consensus of the ACPE. There are differing variables that can affect the timing and/or coming to pass of these words:

1)  All prophecy not contained in scripture is conditional.

2)  The timing that the prophecy comes to pass may not occur in a one year time-frame.

3)  It is possible that the prophetic warnings given may cause the person or corporate nation to repent and thus turn away the judgment prophesied. Biblically, this happened when Jonah prophesied to Nineveh, and the city repented causing God to relent.

Key scripture passages for 2006: Isaiah 43:19 & Isaiah 35

The Shift of 2006

2006 will be a year of great shifting for the Body of Christ. He wants to shift us into new wine for new moves of God. This shift will require us to re-think, re-structure, and seek the Lord’s face as to how He wants us to function in the coming visitations of God.

The Lord is giving us new wine paradigms, extending to those in marketplace ministries. This will result in shifting the way companies are structured. God is going to help us work with better efficiency if we will listen to His Voice. Take time to listen to the Lord on how to shift into new wine on every level.

Isaiah 43:19 declares that God is doing a new thing. Do not get stuck in old patterns and old ways of thinking. If you get stuck, you will not reap the blessings of the new.

The right timing is important in 2006. With this new thing, opportunities will come and go quickly. When they come, it is important to “seize the moment” and not miss your window for change. Being in the right place at the right time is essential.

Shifting to the new thing will bring an abundance of creativity in business, technology, inventions, songs, ideas, and strategies.

2006 will be a year of completion in many areas. Family matters that have been unsettled, areas of buying and selling, and many who have been believing for their healing will receive it in completion. God desires to completely heal those who have seemed to receive partial healing.

New revelation will come with this shift. We will have more profound accuracy and deeper revelation concerning how to use our weapons of warfare more effectively. We will see breakthroughs in tough situations. We will spoil the enemy this year and victory will be sweet.

Kingdom Mix in ’06

The focus this year will be on more kingdom growth than church growth. What grows the kingdom will also grow local congregations. This kingdom mix will be a reflection of the teaching of Matthew 6:10, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on the earth as it is in heaven.”

A shift in teaching will reflect this kingdom mix with more leaders teaching from the perspective of the Kingdom of God rather than escapism.

Kingdom of God teachings will be mixed in many areas of society with greater and greater frequency. Vision for the transformation of cities, regions, and nations will begin to override and remove denominational barriers that up until now have crippled the Church.

Proper alliances and coalitions will be key and instrumental during this season. Some relationships based on old wine structures will pass away and new relationships will form between like-minded leaders, regardless of denominational or non-denominational affinities.

Right alignment is essential. If we are not in proper alignment it will cost us fruitfulness, health, a loss of revelation, and destiny. Setbacks will begin for those who are not properly aligned. Do not be afraid of change–there is a pruning that will take place in all aspects of God’s Kingdom.

In addition to pruning, God is going to stretch us to release a new measure of faith. This faith is necessary to accomplish the shift He is requiring of us, as well as the new dreams He will give us in this season of new things.

God will raise up “kingdom-minded” leaders who will mix with all aspects of society. This will be seen as apostles and prophets are raised up in media, business, government, and other sectors of society.

The kingdom mix will bring great fruit, but it will also provoke opposition to the apostolic and prophetic movement. Do not be swayed by this–stay the course.

The supernatural will be mixed into society as more and more believers, in what has become known as the saints’ movement, flow in healing and miracles and other supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

The youth particularly will move into this level of anointing.

2006 will be another “season of suddenlies”. The prophetic words of past seasons will begin to see their fulfillments in this hour. The Church is closing in on the “tipping point” through the accumulation of intercession, worship, fasting, giving, etc., and the “bowl is about to tip” in our favor.

University campuses will see great moves of God. Yale, North Texas State University, the University of Texas, University of California Los Angeles, and University of Southern California were mentioned among others. The moves of God will by no means be limited to these campuses.

This is the year that we will see the lid come off the youth movement. There will be a literal explosion of power and grace among the youth.

This is a year of a great transfer of wealth. God will begin to reveal strategy on how to obtain and maintain wealth. As more and more land is redeemed through intercession, we will see a shift in ownership of property and minerals in the Body of Christ.

Holiness Movement

God is going to continue to expose sin in the church. There will be new messages on holiness and repentance from the pulpits of the nations. A “line in the sand” will be drawn by leaders who are ethical and have the character of Christ. This line will once again clearly delineate, in great love, the absolutes of right and wrong.

Young people will take up the torch and run across the nations with this message of holiness and purity. This will cause the pendulum to tip away from the current “no boundaries” thinking of this generation. Young prophetic voices will rise up to speak the word of the Lord to generations of all ages and be respected for their wisdom even as the Lord Jesus spoke wisdom as a youth in the temple.

Young lions of the Lord will come to the forefront in Hollywood and in media around the world. UCLA and USC film schools will be shaken by the power of God as the Lord visits these campuses.


The Holy Spirit strongly spoke through several prophets that this would be a year of further polarization. However, the Lord gave us an admonition that we were not to become polarized or politicized. We are to stand up for whatever the direction the Captain of the Lord of Hosts shows us. Therefore, it is not the party line that we should hold, but God’s plumb line of purity. God reminded us that righteousness and justice are the plumb line of His throne (Isaiah 28:17).

There is coming a separation between the human government and the government of God. However, there is a strong sense that God is coming to deal with the Left Wing if they continue on their path leading to unrighteousness.

Spiritual Trends that we see on the forefront…
The Civil Rights Movement in America

There is a new wineskin being formed for the Civil Rights Movement in America. New leadership will rise up who will establish God’s righteousness and justice. The movements that are not established on both righteousness and justice will not prosper.

Cultural evangelism that reaches unbelievers through culturally relevant means of communication with life-transforming messages will come to the forefront. This will involve use of many channels of communication, including film, television, and fiction with sympathetic roles and characters that will provide a modeling of righteousness for society.

Societal transformation and evangelism will increase.

The seven major molders of society will be touched through this movement: family, religion, government, business, education, arts, and media.

The leaders of the Body of Christ are being called to a focus on legacy and succession. This is part of the new wine shift. Leaders who have formerly thought in a mono-generational mindset will mentor those who are coming after them.

Young prophetic voices will arise who will speak the Word of the Lord to nations and peoples as well as the Church world-wide.

The battle is going to get fierce on many fronts, but do not be discouraged. There is going to be a fresh wind of grace that will pour out on the lives of believers. The Lord is saying that He is going to cause the faint to be encouraged and the weary to rise up with new strength.

Put your “stake in the ground” in the midst of the whirlwind and see God enlarge your boundaries (Isaiah 54:2).

Words for the United States

It is crucial to press in to see the abortion laws overturned. We must pray harder than we ever have. Prayer for the mid-term elections in 2006 is crucial if we are not to lose ground for righteousness and justice in the nation. We must prepare also for the 2008 elections.

There is a sensing that the prayer movement should not become weary with guarding the nation from terrorism. America, you are once again in the balance and intercessors must stand in the gap and pray.

The President, as David did in 1 Samuel 30, will “pursue and recover” favor. He will gain even more if he takes the offensive with compassion for those who have been abandoned.


Seven different prophets had received a prophetic warning for Chicago, including a warning sent from the leader of the Canadian Prophetic Round Table. As we interceded, we felt to ask people to pray specifically for the transportation systems and centers.


Africa shall blossom (Isaiah 35)! A strong prophetic dream was given to one of our leaders that a four hundred year continental curse was lifting that will mitigate against the desertification of the continent. This will be specifically addressed through the building of new dams and retention ponds. This will lead to the blossoming of African agriculture. God wants the believers to be the stewards of the land and agriculture as He gives this blessing.

In addition, economic leaders will rise out of Africa. New leadership will come into place throughout the continent as God has heard the prayers of His people. The continent of Africa is getting ready to shift into a new wine anointing.


This prophetic dream particularly applies to Ethiopia and the word was that this nation will be a “first fruit” of the blossoming.

South Africa

Economic leaders will cause a shift in thinking concerning economic structures. Great revelation will be poured out on the business leaders with matching influence in the world.


God is moving among the Orthodox Church in Egypt. There is an Isaiah 19 highway of holiness that God is preparing and is supernaturally connecting leaders with a focus and highlight on Egypt. Wonders will break out from this nation. There is a “well of wonders” in Egypt being opened in this season.


The Lord has not forgotten Europe. Europe is in the birth pangs of a great move of the Holy Spirit.


More violence will attempt to come into England. It is time for a new wine spirit of travail and intercession to come to the nation. God is going to refresh the prayer movement with new strength to stand and turn away the enemy at the gate.

2006 will be a year of transition for England. 2007 will end the seventy year captivity of the influence of the spirit of religion on the nation. After 2007 and the breaking of the spirit of religion, revival will begin to take place.


I am raising up the spirit of the Huguenots once again out of France. The Lord is going to heal the soul of France and the love of God will be poured out upon the nation.


God is going to raise up Holiness preachers that will turn the hearts of the people and a new generation. Nations where couples have lived together without the sanctity of marriage will be amazed as the pendulum swings to righteousness and couples who lived together in sin will run to obtain marriage licenses.


Sweden will see a national move of the Holy Spirit. It will begin with significant youth conferences and many young people will receive deep and lasting impacts upon their lives and character.

Latin America

There will be civil unrest in differing nations of Latin America as there is a polarization taking place. This will lead to violence, but the Church is going to rise to a new level of authority. The Lord is giving a new level of authority and many Godly leaders will start to prepare themselves for the political arena. Doors will be open for God’s people in the highest places of influence in all areas of society. The prophetic voices in these nations will have open doors to be heard by the kings and rulers.

Middle East

2006 will see the beginning of an incredible stirring among Ishmael; an unprecedented revival is brewing and there will be a massive turning to God in the Muslim world. The Church must prepare their hearts to receive Ishmael who is also the seed of Abraham.

There is a spirit of jihad that has been loosed among the Islamic world. This is a very violent spirit because it will particularly stir up those who are already wounded and hurt either by reality or perception of the western world in particular.

This principality will begin to cause those under its influence to hit soft targets such as churches and Christians. We must pray for the believers in the Middle East and Israel. Pray for protection for Israel as a nation as well.

The EU (European Union) will become a target and will find that this jihad spirit will turn itself against them as well. You will see this on the news as the radical Muslims start to burn the EU and the American flag together. The Church in Europe and around the world needs to be vigilant at this time to turn the enemy back from their midst.

The Lord wants to cause a fresh awakening of prayer groups across the face of the earth with an admonition to not be weary in well doing.


Mark Hawkins

is a dynamic teacher with a unique and powerful gift for imparting the Word of God. Mark is a recognized apostle who travels the nation ministering under apostolic, prophetic, teaching and governmental mantles at churches and conferences, with an emphasis on spiritual fathering, governmental intercession, healing the land and spiritual warfare, passionate to see a mighty move of God that will bring change to individual lives and communities as the bondages of the enemy are broken.




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