The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders Word of the Lord for 2009

The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders Word of the Lord for 2009

Jan 1, 2009 | ACPE Word of the Lord

Word of the Lord for 2009

January 1st, 2009

C. Peter Wagner, ACPE Convening Apostle

Compiled by Cindy Jacobs
Generals International


Below I have provided the ACPE Word of the Lord for 2009, which was received during the last ACPE meeting under Peter Wagner’s leadership. Please read through it prayerfully.

Although this word has been issued by the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders in 2009, it should be understood that God’s word in seasons of time are not bound to that time and therefore what we are releasing from the Lord may not happen during the actual chronological year 2009. As we have met and discussed our role as prophetic leaders, we realized that we, unlike some other prophetic round tables, often issue words as “warnings” that we know can be changed through intercessory prayer. This year is one like that in particular.We do see some amazing opportunities for the Body of Christ in general on a good note and part of our release would come under the umbrella of prophetic counsel as well as a direct “This is what God says” for this season.

Unlike other years, we are also releasing the fuller words of the Lord that various of the ACPE Founder’s Circle have given as individual prophets and they can be read by clicking on the links if you are reading this on the web.

Cindy Jacobs

2009 The Year of the Vine

  1. God is speaking that there will be no more “business as usual” in this coming year. It is the season that we must take time to hear God as individuals.
  1. If we take time to reconnect to the Lord in an intimate way, are branches or life will produce fruit for the season in unique ways. We will be fruitful when others are not because God is always fruitful.
  1. This will be a year of pruning. Everything that is wood, hay, and stubble is being burned up so we can produce a new crop for a new season. After this season of pruning, and being in the refiner’s fire, what is left will be pure gold. This is what God will use to protect and prosper us in the economic shakings.
  1. God is preparing a massive world wide harvest in this season. Personal evangelism will explode. 2009 is the 40th anniversary of the birthing of the Jesus People movement. We are on the verge of great harvest. ’09 is preparation for a new, organic, moving of the Holy Spirit. This will be a New Wine evangelism where streets and cities will be filled with supernatural signs and wonders. God is going to release a book of Acts model where the church gets out of its buildings and fills cities with the Name of Jesus.
  1. The shaking off of old religious ways of doing things must happen. An emerging generation is waiting to be released to change the world. They will marry righteousness and justice; have a heart for the poor, and taking care of God’s creation.
  1. We will see movements of His glory released into the earth. This will manifest with signs and wonders not only in the healing of physical bodies, but the multiplication of food, funds, and supernatural faith.

2009 A Year of Great Turbulence 

  1. Many things are in the balance right now. The heavens are very turbulent and many nations are “tinder-boxes” ready to explode, for instance explode in terrorism, civil wars, race wars, and Jihad. The Lord particularly spoke to us about praying at the borders of our nation for protection.
  1. It is imperative to believe God to get out of debt to be prepared for coming seasons of inflation and hyper-inflation. Don’t panic, but allow God to show you His steps to take in this time. Trust God that He will protect and lead you.
  1. Nations are going to be attacked with “economic terrorist” who are engineering the manipulation of the world’s economies. This is a season to carefully pray over the finances and banking systems of our nations. In the midst of this God is calling us to break the spirit of mammon off of ourselves and our nations.
  1. We must return “back to the basics” and teach our people prayer, spiritual warfare, deliverance, holiness, and some of the lessons the older generation learned two decades ago. This will lay a sure foundation in turbulent times.

2009 Kingdom against Kingdoms

  1. There will be massive struggling and clashing of kingdoms against kingdoms. The Kingdom of God against ancient empire spirits such as Islam and the former Soviet Union.
  1. It is imperative to be properly aligned in order to be both under authority and have authority for a new season. This is a time for re-positioning and shifting your priorities for your new wineskins and new wine. Some will physically re-position themselves with a geographic move and others will change networks, and find their right alignments.

2009 The Beginning of a Third Great Awakening

  1. We are on the verge of another great awakening. God is going to raise up young “fire-brands” for God who will awaken their regions. There are young revivalists just waiting in the wings who have the anointing of a George Whitefield, Charles Finney, or a Catherine Booth.
  1. Universities will be awakened for God.
  1. Children’s Revivals will break out with signs and wonders and prayer meetings.
  1. Reformation and talk of reforming nations will be on the lips of God’s children.
  1. Schools will see moves of God where the Lord Himself comes in such power that even public schools are not able to finish their regular scheduled classes because God’s glory has come to the classrooms!

2009 Arise and Shine in the midst of Adversity

  1. This will be a year of birthing new things. A woman gives birth after nine months and many dreams and visions will be born after years of seeming hope deferred.
  1. Find a place to dream God’s dream and believe God will bring those dreams to fulfillment. Don’t give up on the plans and vision God has given you!
  1. Darkness and light are colliding in this season. However, the light will be much brighter than the darkness. Light always overcomes darkness.
  1. A time of outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Many will “shine” with the power of the Holy Spirit as He fills and empowers His believers with new authority.
  1. Believe the prophets and you will prosper. Find the prophecies given over you and pray over them and trust God to bring them to past no matter how much opposition you are facing.

2009 Stand your ground through worship

  1. Worship is on of the major keys for victory in the coming season.
  1. Intercessory worship will become one of the major weapons for spiritual battle.
  1. Worshipping God will bring us the refreshing that we need in the midst of heavy battle. His mercies endure forever in our midst when we worship Him.
  1. The restoration of the Tabernacle of David will become a major focus for many in the worship movements that will release many unto salvation. (Acts 15:16)
  1. Worship will be done in every sector of society. Businesses, schools, hospitals, etc., will have their own worship groups.

Cindy Jacobs


Cindy Jacobs is an author, speaker, and teacher with a heart for discipling nations in the areas of prayer and prophetic gifts. She and Mike—her husband of 41 years—co-founded Generals International in 1985.

Mark Hawkins

is a dynamic teacher with a unique and powerful gift for imparting the Word of God. Mark is a recognized apostle who travels the nation ministering under apostolic, prophetic, teaching and governmental mantles at churches and conferences, with an emphasis on spiritual fathering, governmental intercession, healing the land and spiritual warfare, passionate to see a mighty move of God that will bring change to individual lives and communities as the bondages of the enemy are broken.




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