Strategic Prayer Conference

Strategic Prayer Conference

Apr 23, 2019 | Uncategorized

How important is prayer? John Wesley said that God does nothing except in answer to prayer, and Jesus said we should pray without ceasing. I would like to invite you and your prayer team to an exciting event – The Strategic Prayer Conference. Our Guest is Mark Hawkins, who is involved in many areas of the prayer movement across Alabama and the Nation. You will learn how to identify and form an intercessory team; how an intercessory team functions, and much more. There is no registration necessary. We want to make this resource available to our region. We hope you will make plans to take advantage of this great opportunity to learn how to take the ministry of prayer to the next level in your church.

Mark Hawkins

is a dynamic teacher with a unique and powerful gift for imparting the Word of God. Mark is a recognized apostle who travels the nation ministering under apostolic, prophetic, teaching and governmental mantles at churches and conferences, with an emphasis on spiritual fathering, governmental intercession, healing the land and spiritual warfare, passionate to see a mighty move of God that will bring change to individual lives and communities as the bondages of the enemy are broken.




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